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Our mission is simple.

John-Paul Buzard, Founder and President
John-Paul Buzard, President and Artistic Director

We endeavor to design and

build the best pipe organs,

and provide the best tuning,

restoration and rebuilding

services in the world.

Our philosophy is simple: Pipe organs are a medium for artistic expression, which can excite all the senses.

We provide you a completely seamless experience – from our personal and professional interaction with you, to the essential nature of our instruments themselves. We have produced a few videos which will be added to this web-site in the coming weeks to highlight just this, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Our organs are visually designed to seamlessly flow from your building’s architecture and interior design – both in the organ’s appearance and how it physically weaves itself into the fabric of your building. We undertake all of the visual designs and all of the engineering in our own house. You cannot outsource Art!

Our organs are tonally designed and voiced to inspire seamless changes in volume and color for sensitive accompanying and rendering of solo literature. Our in-house Tonal Department crafts our sound specifically for your building’s acoustical environment, and our mutual collaboration.

Our organs are engineered to provide seamless and responsive interaction with you, the organist, so that the instrument becomes an extension of your artistry. Without science, Art cannot exist.

Our Company’s experience is extensive and wide-ranging to provide seamless levels of service to you in all aspects of an organ project – from maintenance, restoration, and rebuilding through the creation of new Buzard pipe organs.

Your experience with us will be seamless and effortless from our first conversations with you, through dedication of the new or rebuilt instrument! Our business enterprise is as elegant as the instruments we build. Our professionalism and integrity shines forth in our collaboration with you at every turn, not only in the instrument itself, but in all of our interactions from initial inquiry through contract negotiations.

Sit back, grab your mouse, turn up the volume on your computer’s stereo system, and enjoy a seamless introduction to us….. BUZARD Pipe Organ Builders

If you’ve already got a pipe organ, I invite you to visit the Service Department’s home page, where you’ll have just as much fun!


John-Paul Buzard, President and Artistic Director
Buzard Pipe Organ Builders, LLC

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Buzard Opus 37 - In Light or Darkness

In Light or Darkness - Organ scholar Stephen Buzard performs on Buzard Pipe Organ Builders' Opus 37 at Second Presbyterian in Bloomington, IL. Buy the album on Amazon today.